FKP Scorpio Belgium

The FKP Scorpio Belgium office opened its doors in January 2020 and is part of the international FKP Scorpio group that has headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Belgium was the 10th country to open an FKP Scorpio office next to Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Finland, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. The Belgian office is headed by Jan Digneffe.

FKP Scorpio wants to bring people together through live music and entertainment. Fueled by passion for what we do, we stay true to our core values: trustworthiness and professionalism.

It is our mission to build long-term relations with partners, artists, employees and customers.

We support artists in the long run: from up-and-coming to headliners. We will be there every step of the way, we want to build careers and sustain them. And we want to give the fans an unforgettable experience, every time again.

We simply love music.


Jan Digneffe

Managing Director

Anneke De Knop

Xavier Wilkin

Booker - Promoter

Robby Govaerts

Tom Glorieus

Carolien de Bie

Promo Manager NL

Fabienne Van Koninxloo

Delphine Loeckx

Online Promo Manager