Electric Callboy

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The German band Electric Callboy makes a thick mix of metalcore and post-hardcore, with a heavy dose of techno, giving a twist to the hardcore genre.

Shortly after introducing their new vocalist Nico Sallach, former lead vocalist of the band To the Rats and Wolves, Electric Callboy announced a new song 'HYPA HYPA', which was the first single from their EP 'MMXX' and may also be the Party Metalcore Anthem of 2020! The EP marked a new chapter for the band, one without compromise.

The first album under the changed name, 'TEKKNO', will be released on September 9th. On the one hand, it impressively continues the chosen path, but on the other hand, it also pushes the already large genre boundaries even further. Check out this outrageous band on this their first arena tour!