Riovaz at Volta, 6th of March 2023!

From the confines of his bedroom in New Jersey, the now 18-year-old artist/producer Riovaz took TikTok and Spotify by storm during the pandemic with his hit ‘Prom Night’. His music captures the frenetic, unpredictable energy of growing up. Influenced by drum & bass, post-punk and dance composition, his genre-blurring, cutting-edge pop songs occupy a nice space in the musical spectrum. Listen to EP ‘Better Late Than Forever’ and and songs like ‘Tell Me All Your Vibes’ to vibe with Riovaz.

On the sixth of March 2023, Riovaz will take all of this to the stage in Brussels Volta.

Tickets are going on sale as from this Friday 11 November, 11 AM via